About us

Joy Pictures was born in 2002. from the start, our first mission has been researching, developing and distributing new business solutions in the field of digital photography for events.

After a first phase of intense development, “Street Shot” was born. it is a software dedicated and conceived for event photography, particularly used by photographers in places such as tourist resorts, cruise ships, family entertainment areas, and in sport, social or cultural events. later on new software appeared, to be used in particular (Quick shot and Video on ride) in theme and water parks, Virtual Shot (software and integrated technology for Chroma key).

Our software have significantly helped to streamline the efforts typical of this business by making the work considerably faster, thus revolutionizing the way in which photographers work and giving momentum to the development of what can be considered a real, strong business.

All software are exclusive property of Joy Pictures, source codes included.

We believe that this is a great strength, because we interpret our customers’ needs, needs encouraged by the market with continuous upgrades.

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