fotografia eventi

With this software it is possible to take pictures, print and deliver the end product in real time. in this way, waiting times are shortened, and proofs or digital previews can be shown directly on a monitor.

The use of a specific database has removed the limits of net connection among peripheral and other devices.

Quick photo research methods (bar codes or RFID) allow to visualize the customers’ files in a very short time.

With a detailed daily report of the work done, each phase of the work is analysed and improved day after day from an operative point of view and consequently from an economic point of view.

It is also possible to manage an advanced printing spooler, so that the program interface itself allows to print in different formats and on alternative surfaces, such as paper, canvas or on sublimation gadgets (such as mugs, pillows, etc.). it is also possible to burn and export files in order to render the offer more attractive to customers, who nowadays prefer to enjoy their pictures on smartphones and tablets, or on the internet via social networks (Facebook, Twitter…).

Other products for theme and water parks

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